• Miltronics RH20

    Vertical CNC machining center.
  • CNC Milling

    CNC milling sample.
  • Miltronics SL10

    CNC turning center.
  • Vertical Mill

  • Horizontal turning

    Horizontal turning machine.
  • CNC Turning

  • Valve stem

    Valve stem, 304 stainless steel.
  • Conventional turning

    Conventional turning machining.
  • CNC mill

    Milling work in CNC mill.
  • Turning

    Bronze turning.
  • Cylindrical Machining

    Stainless steel cylindrical machining.
  • Welding

    Welding on covers of valve stem extensions, cryogenic application valves.
  • Valve stem

    Stem, cryogenic application valve.
  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing of machine parts.
  • Machining

    Machining of sphere for control valve.
  • Cryogenic valves

    Extension covers for cryogenic application valves.
  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing of machine parts.

Here you can find a representative sample of our manufacturing capability- please contact us for further details.